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21 Snackable Videos

This program includes:

Entire Course (6 Modules, 24 Video Lessons)
Platform WITH Practice – Practice and refine the key skills AND obtain written feedback on your assignments.
First 90-Day Checklist – An actual DAY-BY-DAY checklist that covers how to stand out in your organization ($297 Value!).
100 Functional Questions – Utilize these questions to show interest with your supervisor and/or senior team members EVEN IF you are new on the job ($197 value!).
You’re Hired – Now What Do You Do – The ultimate playbook to learn the rules and win in any organization!

Stephen Krempl

Stephen Krempl, former CLO of Starbucks and YUM Brands, has had a front row seat similar to your front row seat, observing how some employees successfully progressed in their careers, while others did not.


Stephen has developed a successful Multi National Corporate ILT solution which helps employees globally stand out to their senior management. Furthermore, he has conducted his ILT sessions at a multitude of companies including: Applied, Materials, BASF, VISA, Qualcomm, OCBC, DBS, Cigna, and Bank Mandiri. All of these corporations wanted one thing; to prepare their leaders for the next level!

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